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  • A living cell therapy gives me great surpriseRelease time:2015-05-12   Source:百博士
    A living cell therapy gives me great surprise

    Ms.Lee 45-Years-old Direct Manager.

    Before treatment

    1. Long-term face of the computer, there is a strong discomfort cervical, lumbar spine has pain.
    2. Due to the heavy workload, exhaustion, often feel tired, dizziness, limb weakness.
    3. Poor resistance, particularly vulnerable to cold.
    4. Dry skin, edgy, requires a lot of water.

    After treatment

    1. Memory greatly improved work efficiency, not easy to feel fatigue
    2. Improve their own immunity and repair
    3. Cervical lumbar spinal problems has been significantly improved
    4. The skin becomes smooth, lifted her young friends have a lot of

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