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  • If Overseas medical care can support the 30 billion industry blueprint without the outsource of travel.Release time:2017-02-22   Source:百博士
    If Overseas medical care can support the 30 billion industry blueprint without the outsource of travel.

            Overseas medical tourism seems to becoming an irresistible trend, such as cancer treatment in America,cosmetic surgery in Korea,physical examination in Japan,Anti-aging in Switzerland,etc. According to the report of Transparency Market Research, the global medical tourism market will rise from the current $ 10 billion to $ 30 billion in 2019.

           According to the statistics,there are thousands of overseas medical service agencies, and this figure is rising sharply every year.However,In an increasingly competitive environment,some organizations began to have a problem, which is more important,Medical service or Travel. Opaque price, low quality of service, useless treatment are all becoming the unavoidable criticism.

    Overseas medical service have been derailed by Embarrassing "travel game" .

            When we first contact with some customers, We are often asked about questions that are not related to health care.They are Indifferent to the most important part of the trip,which is abnormal.Because the the essence of overseas medical service is the effective communication between customer and excellent overseas medical resources.  

           In fact,this is not the only problem of Bai Doctor,many professional overseas medical organization have encountered the same "embarrassment":Overseas medical service is equal to sunshine,beach and health care.The sequence of this embarrassment is that some customers are suspect to the medical process and the overseas medical organization, from price to the curative effect.

           Jason said, the reason of why overseas medical service becomes 'travel game',is that overseas medical service is the expansion of tourism industry and medical means that the industry is unable to become a purely medical activity temporarily .But as a professional overseas organization we can choose to be more concentrate on medical experience.

    Oversea medical service is not the One-time transaction.

    Health care management should be followed up continuously.

           “In fact, many small-size overseas medical organization have misunderstand to overseas medical service. They  equated overseas medical services as a holiday or a physical examination,but they don’t really responsible to the customers ”Jackson thought that Overseas medical organization should build up a connection with rational continuous service

         As his points of view,overseas medical service is more purposeful and normative, including the choice and communication of the hospital,the translation of case and doctor’s advice as well as the time control and the psychological activities of patient.

         For example, some customers need to be followed up continuously during the overseas treatment.But they don’t have enough time to stay at the overseas hospital,so that we have to help them customizing the next treatment or health care plan.This is why Bai Doctor invested i  establishing a national Anti-aging Center in Guangzhou.

         In2017,NUOHUA Regenerated Medical Life Research Institute  will be officially opened, provides customers with better service.

          Besides,he pointed out,there are two kinds of people in foreign medical market:The first kind is the people who have rigid demand to find a safer, and more effective treatment to cure disease.They can only tolerate lower added value.Although the others do not have the rigid demand,they can provide higher added value.For example,some organization provides overseas medical service for social elite,they only offers the best, and they are difficult to be affected by economy. ‘’Oversea organization must distinguish these two kinds of people,the program should be customized differentially,otherwise,it’s possible to make the mistake.

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