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Cellular Immunity customized Therapy

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    Cellular Immunity customized Therapy
    DC cells are important immune cells inside the body, they not only has the function of anti-tumor, anti-viral infection and immune regulation, but also participate in the occurrence of hypersensitivity and autoimmune diseases in some cases.

    Nowadays medical experts studied out DC Cell Immunotherapy according to the DC cell killing mechanism on tumor cell. The adoptive immunotherapy is adopted, by taking the patient's own DC cell and proliferate them outside the body, enlarge cell number by hundreds and thousands of times, and activate cell enormously,  then retransform into the patients' body. As a emerging tumor treatment with remarkable effect, it can kill tumor cells effectively and inhibit tumor growth without damaging normal tissue, the same time improve immunity and reduce the risk of tumor recurrence and


    The characterisitics of DC cell customized courses

    1, can directly identify and kill cancer cells and inhibit tumor growth and proliferation; and promote the cells with the strongest antitumor activity.


     2, inhibit the proliferation of new blood vessels near the tumor by its excretive factors, and limit tumor growth.


    3, directly improve and adjust the patient's immune system and the nervous system, indirectly improve the quality of life for patients.

     4, secrete a variety of cytokines, reduce patient pain, indirectly improve the quality of life.

     5, no side effects.

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