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      Before Examination

     ● Please pay attention to diet three days before the examination, do not eat high-fat, high-protein food, do not drink, 

          do not eat the liver and kidney function damage drugs.
     ● Avoid strenuous exercise and eating should be avoided from previous inspection after 20:00.
     ● Food and water is forbidden in the morning of physical examination(people take usual medications can continue to take drugs).

        ● Do not put on makeup, makeup will affect the physician judgment on illness. Before physical examination, one should clean mouth,

         nose, and ear canal, or else missed diagnosis might happen.
     ● Bring all health-related archives and a valid ID. If one was once hospitalized or had surgery, 

          please bring medical records and related information for the medical physician reference.



     ● Please coorperate with private doctors in the examination process, If you have any questions, please contact private doctor in time.

     ● Do not hide medical history to prevent misdiagnosis.

     ● If  any problem during physical examination appeared,  please contact your private doctor, and cooperate with the inspector doctor

          actively, please do not change your physical examination item.

     ● After blood drawing please oppress pinhole for three minutes immediately to prevent bleeding, do not rub the blood drawing part.

     ● For gynecological B ultrasonic examination, please keep the bladder filling (hold back).

     ● If you need Gynecological, please remain the bladder filling(holding urine).

     ● Please fill in medical form truly. 

      After Examination

     ● Please keep the examination results, which will be convenient of comparison with next physical examination. It can also be the 

          reference materials next time when seeing a doctor.

      ● If you are in a good health condition in this inspection, please keep your good life habits, and conduct a comprehensive inspection

           at regular intervals.

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