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  • Q:(1)Why are more and more people tend to go abroad for treatment?

    The main reason is the gap between domestic and foreign health care,foreign medical technology is of high level, the latest drugs, the latest medical equipment, the latest technology emerge one after another, the top foreign Hospital brings together many of today's world-class medical experts, in addition, foreign doctors are practicing very strictly and have a strong sense of responsibility.

    Q:(2)What kind of diseases need treatment abroad?

    The therapeutic effect is quite obvious for Cancer, cardiovascular surgery, brain surgery,epilepsy,orthopedics, infertility,etc.abroad.

    Q:(3)Which countries patients generally go to see a doctor?

    Chinese patients usually choose developed countries with higher medical level, such as Switzerland, Dubai, Singapore, Thailand and other countries largely concentrated the world's most advanced level of medical institutions, and formed their own distinct advantages.

    Q:(4)What level of hospitals and doctors can you make appointment with?

    We can help patients to make appointments with the world's top hospitals and most authoritative medical experts, Swiss Bai Doctor only cooperate with the hundred world's top hospitals to ensure quality of service, the company cooperates with Switzerland's most authoritative testing centers and stem cell library fund and master resources from famous authoritative medical institutions.

    Q:(5)One need to wait for long time if seeing a doctor abroad?

    No need, Switzerland Bai Doctor planned for 25 trips abroad, almost one to three trips abroad every long as you are fully prepared ahead of time, you can set out any time.

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