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 Bai Doctor Switzerland was founded in 2006,With the tenet of "Stand in the height of the world, passing healthy voice" ,we integrate the latest global medical resources and create an international, modern ,comprehensive health management business. We take reputation as the basis of  the survival of enterprise,and service as orientation .We own a stable and mature market network,and lots of faithful VIP members.Thanks to our deep comprehension and abundant practical experience.Combines with the international health management concept ,Bai Doctor Chinese brings forth new ideas to high quality medical resources platform and comprehensive health management service system, officially cooperate with many countries around the world. The status of Bai Doctor in Chinese market is rising steadily. nowadays,we become to the leader of health industry, and one of the most famous and respectful company in China.We are the Company trusted by the world. 

Service Project
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The classic physical examination project>
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    The high-end personage has become the largest sub-health crowd, and the risk of cancer is far greater than other populations. High-end elite should pay more attention to healthy check-up! As high-end elites have more dinner party and are long under high pressure with irregular sleep, unreasonable diet. Although they have many enviable achievements, but there are so many unknown sacrifice and efforts behind them! Many high-end elites are basic overdrafting their body and have a lot of health problems. Regular physical examination is needed as their own health is very important for them! The length of your life depends on the depth of the detection. In-depth detection is the classic first created by Anti-Aging Rehabilitation Center of Bai Doctor Group, and by far, can screen lung cancer, early gastric cancer, breast cancer, thyroid cancer and other tumors, cardiovascular sudden death, slow disease risk...[More]

    Basic in-depth detection - this package includes 5 categories of 52 small intems of detection index, find related signs of common diseases through physical examination of important organs status. 

    Platina in-depth detection - this package includes 7 categories of 63 small items of detection index, conduct a comprehensive testing and evaluation on body, and screen cancer risk index in a deeper way to reduce the risk of cancer.

    Gold depth test - this package includes 8 categories 71 small items of detection index, which is designed by private doctors and can comprehensively detect health hazard.

    Platinum in-depth test - this package includes 11 categories of 117 small items of detection index, can screen accurately the tumor, chronic diseases, sudden death and other risk factors, and predict the future risk of disease.


    1. Will arrange VIP limousine which is responsible for round-trip transportation between anti-aging center and hotel

    2. After you arrive at the check centre, you will rest at exclusive luxury suite arranged by center reception staff.

    3. The attending physician of the center will discuss your family history, health status and health questionnaire with you one-to-one.

    4. Inspection center assistant will guide you to complete the project

    5. Your results will be evaluated, you can take a rest at the exclusive suites and enjoy room service while waiting.

    6. When all checking items are finished, the center doctors will explain results of whole body inspection to you directly.

Advanced treatment method>
The worlds top health serviceWe will contact you within 24 hours.

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