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Affiliated hospital of University Hospital Zurich

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  • The Affiliated hospital of University Hospital Zurich
    University Hospital Zurich is the most famous and largest hospital in Switzerland which integrated the clinical, teaching and scientific research.They have sophisticated technique in the complex areas of Medical examination,Tumor Therapy, Anti-senescence, Immunology, Thoracic, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Nuclear Medicine and enjoys a great international reputation.
    Our advantage
    Advanced medical equipment

    The hospital has 43 departments and units, with more than 8,500 employees from all over the world.University hospital Zurich is very active in academic research. Research results can be provided to patient's medical services directly. About 2,000 employees are engaged in medical research activities, covering a wide range of medical fields.They received a lot of international awards,and published more than 2,000 papers in professional journals.

    High quality service

    The Affiliated Hospital of University Hospital Zurich offers customization service for patient which becoming  the new standard of quality medical service setting. Personal care, butler service, personal entertainment terminal, simple discharge procedures,etc. These services provide every patient with meticulous care.

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