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    Clinique de la source,was founded in 1891,is the largest private institution in the area offering multidisciplinary acute care. Located in the centre of Lausanne in a green setting, and with over 150 beds, the Clinique de La Source is the biggest private institution offering acute multidisciplinary care (Surgery – Medicine – Maternity) in the region.
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      Top medical technology

    Clinique De La Source has the leading precise medical instruments- Da Vinci Robot, and the cancer treatment devices: the ”EDGE” and the “True Beam”. Da Vinci Robot is a high end platform which can implement very complicated surgical operations with basically zero margin of error. La Source Radiation Oncology Centre has two state of the art equipments which are the ”EDGE” and the “True Beam”. The "EDGE" is dedicated to every type of radiation, whatever is the location of the pathology, including the highly specialized treatments in radiosurgery and/or stereotactic radiosurgery (intracranial and extracranial). Furthermore, it is capable of synchronizing the tumor's movements with the breathing motion of the patient, thus enabling the specialists to track the tumor in real time. The "True Beam" offers a complete range of advanced radiation oncological treatments such as arc therapy, stereotactic radiotherapy, radiation surgery and respiratory gating.


    2Strong team physician

    The Strong doctor team is the basis of the authority of La Source.Professional treatment involving nearly 50 areas, especially the treatment of early breast cancer is the most effective in the Switzerland even in the world.La Source has an elite team . providiong guests with the most humanized, most professional and most authoritative medical services.


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