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    Singapore, which is listed as "Nation with best medical system in Asia", has become a popular destination of treatment for merchants from neighboring countries. Here you can also find the world's first-class shopping center, you will not only gain health and vigor, but also satisfy your desire of shopping to the full extent.

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      First DayBeiJing, GuangZhou ---- Singapore

      Fly to the garden city-Singapore by plane, when guests arrive at the airport, they will be picked up by the airport fulltime staff, and rest in the fivestar luxury hotel. (Guests can experience the world's most fascinating hotel roof swimming pool at night)

      Second DayBinhai Singapore tour

      Visit Singapore marina bay garden located in the vicinity of Singapore marina bay, which won the international competition as outstanding design projects; take the Singapore 42 stories high Ferris Wheel and rotate about 30 minutes for a circle!

      Third DayVisit hospital

      After a night of comfort rest, guests will be sent to Bai Doctor Singapore health center by luxury car. The center is located in Singapore at the Novena area.

      Fourth DayMedical Consultation and Travel

      Heading to hospital after breakfast to get medical consultation results, other members can continue to visit Singapore, watch the most famous “Merlion” in Singapore, visit Elizabeth Avenue, Houses of Parliament, Singapore Chinatown, and visit Singapore City Planning Exhibition Hall, Orchard Rd., Miracle Garden park after lunch.

      Fifth DaySentosa Wonderful Tour

      Go to Sentosa Island and visit Singapore Universal Studios to be personally in the scene and experience movies. Singapore Universal Studios has a number of unique top recreation facilities and tourists attractions, new projects and performances, with movie theme including: Transformers 3D ultimate battle showdown, Shrek 4D cinema, Madagascar: Wooden Crusoe, Jurassic River exploration!

      Sixth DayHeading Backto China Beijing/Guangzhou

      Singapore second mountain - Mount Faber, you can view Sentosa Island, Singapore port and other island from southern part of Singapore from here. You can pay a visit to drilling industry, Orchard Road DFS duty-free shops and have shopping spree!

      Return to Beijing and end the pleasant trip!

      Caveats in Singapore Healthcare Bright Custom Journey

      1. Currency conversion: 1 Singapore dollars is equal to about 4.9 RMB, dollars in Singapore can be used directly, 

      most banks in Singapore can apply for travel exchange and foreign currency exchange business.

      2. Singapore taboo:

      (1) Clothing: When visiting temple and mosque, passengers must dress neatly and wear long sleeved clothes and long pants.

      (2): before entering the temple and going back to the church door, one have to take off shoes. If visiting local people's home, one should also take off the shoe before entering into the door.

      (3) Food: please use the right hand when eating India or Malay meal.

      3. Maintaining health, do not spit, litter, or else one will be fined 1000 dollars.

      4. Public places, shops with air-conditioning,and government offices are all non-smoking area, offenders will be fined 500 dollars.

      5. Chewing gum mustn't been imported, carried and eaten, offenders will be fined.

      6. Entry: tourists over 16 years old and from the country out of Malaysia can enjoy following duty-free treatment- 1 liters of wine; 1 liters of liquor; beer, dark beer, ale or port wine of 1 liters. Above mentioned duty-free goods are only for personal consumption,resale or giving others are considered to be illegal.

      7. Tip: the hotel and restaurant bills has included the 10% service fee, no need to pay the tip, tipping at the airport is prohibited.

      8. Voltage: 230V 50Hz, the plug is divided into two (circular hole), three (circular hole, flat hole),  Singapore Hotel basically have the rental service of voltage converter.

      9.  Singapore's tap water is drinkable

      10. Remember to flush the toilet after using it, otherwise one will be fined.

      11. One cannot drink beverage or water on Singapore's subway and bus system, otherwise one will be fined.

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