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    You can enjoy amazing visual scenery along the way, great Sea Food waiting for you to taste, there are also the top yacht, beach party, stunning Party, and medical consultations from exclusive Royal physician at the Royal Thai Anti-Aging Sanatorium, all these offer you a luxury and noble enjoyment.

    Travel arrangements:Advance treatment& Entertaining leisure activities.Honor Hotline:
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      First DayGuangZhou /HongKong---Bangkok

      Guangzhou to Bangkok: 3 hours of flight time

      Second DayVisit , Examination.
      As Thailand's premier anti Royal old health care center, it covers an area of more than 20 thousand square meters and include the main building and auxiliary building.The main building is mainly for pathology treatment, and the auxiliary building is mainly for prevention and health care.

      Third dayoverseas health seminars, amazing PATY

      "High-end", "taste", "secret" are the key words for the party. Elegant estate, mysterious luxury residence bar give you constant surprises. In the graceful warm night, Royal dignitaries will pay a visit and bring a new and fashion party for men and women, which let you enjoy the exclusive high-end quality, get drunk together and encounter with your destined love.

      A high-profile overseas medical briefing, the convergence of domestic and foreign experts, listen to the true meaning of life and health.

      Fourth daytreatment, top freak show

      Anti-Aging Center in the royal family of Thailand offer you the best service all around with exclusive Royal physician's care consultation from the health status to treatment after detection, each process shows respect and protection for life and ensure the infinite quality of life. Youth and health is our permanent commitment to you.

      Fifth Dayshopping

      shopping spree of imperial duty-free in Thailand

      Sixth DayReturn
      Reture to China happily

      Caveats in Thai Royal Luxury Tour And Healthy VIP Service

      1. climate: tropical monsoon climate, hot and humid, hot season from March to May, rain season from June to September,cool season from October to February; the annual average temperature is 28 degrees, please do sun protection;

      2. luggage baggage limit: each carrying a piece of luggage,size no more than 56CMx36CMx23CM (22 inch x14 inch x9 inch), weight of the hauling luggage shall not exceed 20 kg (44 pounds);

      3. customs: passengers can carry goods for general entry, but limited to a reasonable amount; tax-free for 200 cigarettes, a bottle of wine. Customs entry, please follow the instructions with the group leader, 

      so as not to separated with group and influence the customs entry.

      4. clothing: Pattaya is a famous resort, the temperature is high throughout the year, so please bring summer clothes.

      There are also some beach activities, please bring your own beach pants and swimming suit, beach shoes.

      In addition, sun protection is also important, the sun cream of above 40 SPF is helpful. 

      5. drug: there are many chances to go to the sea in Pattaya, swimsuit was previously put on, as there is no place for changing swimsuit. 

      Please take the towel before going to the sea (Hotel usually lend towels); and prepare some commonly used drugs.

      6. a small tip: Thailand people has a habit of giving tips, 20 baht of tip is usually given to hotel waiters who help to bring luggage,deliver water or tidy room.

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