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    Dubai Royal hospital has more than 100 years history.It is the most famous royal private hospital in the world as well as one of the most respectful hospital in Dubai.It is fully authorized by Dubai Health Bureau , and recognized as the Dubai Medical Tourism Center.
    Our advantage
    provide comprehensive medical services 

    Dubai royal hospital provides Global elite with professional,reliable,customized, convenient health management services including Health examination, health risk assessment and health guidance.Cell therapy, anti-aging therapy, purification detoxification therapy are all at the forefront of the world .The hospital becomes the first choice of Convalescence for many stars or Regal.

    strict medical quality management

    As the highest level of medical institutions in Dubai,Dubai Royal hospital always on the top of quality evaluations.With the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic techniques - from the highest resolution imaging equipment to robotic surgery.It can provides the latest treatment and a good environment for domestic and foreign patients .

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