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    Thailand are known throughout the world because of the characteristics of “Lady Boy” with unique plastic technology, along with the gradual opening of the social atmosphere, Thailand cosmetic surgery industry has been in rapid development in the past 10 years, market size in 2010 reached 15 billion baht, market size in 2011 reached 200 billion baht, superb shaping technology attract a lot of stars and people with beauty needs.

    MA YUN said “In 10 years,lung cancer, liver cancer,gastric cancer will happen in every Chinese family,i am worried that we made a great effort to make money from medical fee in the end.”

    According to the statistics of World Health Organization,in the world there are about 12,700,000 people suffer from cancer every year, about 7,600,000 peoples die of cancer.In  China,about 3,120,000 cases of cancer was found every year,at an average of 8550 people per day.Six people in the China were diagnosed with cancer per minute.

    With the development of ten years, Bai Doctor Switzerland broke through the limitations of domestic technology In the field of professional testing and intervention, cooperate with the international top medical institutions, pioneered the Full-depth classical health examination.The cutting-edge technology ensures the greatest curative effect.

    comprehensiveness -- In addition to the routine clinical examinations, body composition analysis,

    The cancer markers can be detected,we can got deep to the detection of cancer markers,early screening of cancer, Comprehensive detection of organ function, and immune disease analysis,etc.

    Professionality-- Professional medical institutions,professional international medical team, the world's top high-tech medical equipment,  we can make accurate assessment, and even predict the status of life and health in the next 3 to 5 years.

    The most advanced cancer treatment equipment in the world
    Exceptionally high end cancer detection and therapeutic equipment.

    New generation of linear accelerator, provides radiation therapy by adjusting single or multiple arc strengths, and is adapted to all parts of all types of cancer. During the treatment, the radiation dose is highly accurate that will not harm the healthy tissue. Thus, improves the patient's condition. It is the only dynamic synchronization imaging instrument which is able to locate the tumor, and treat it timely and accurately. Ultimately,eliminate the uncertainty caused by the movement of organs and tumor sites through the recording of respiratory movement and limit of targeted coverage.

    1. Fast--Redefine the speed standard of cancer treatment. The treatment can be completed in 2 minutes.
    2. Effectiveness--Adapt to all types of cancer,optimize treatment procedure.
    3.Accuracy--Target tracking, synchronous imaging,realize the high accuracy of cancer treatment. Wipe out the cancer cell in once without harming healthy tissue.

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