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    You will feel the glamour and grandeur of Malaysia scenery, admire the unique charm of Malaysian culture, experience the exciting activities and dynamic swimsuit party, enjoy the advanced medicine of Malaysia, have a in depth health check-up and acquire a completely new look of our body.

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        Day onedeparture

        Take domestic airplane to Malaysia, arrive in the airport of Kuala Lumpur, return to hotel to rest after seafood.  

        Second DayVist Prince Court Medical Center

        Head for famous Malaysia Prince Court Medical Center for a visit, after visit will accept health check-up; then go to Gold Coast of Malaysia- Port Dickson, take luxury yacht for the sea, snorkeling, sea fishing, experience exciting water scooter and unique banana boat.

        Third Daytravel, health consultation

        Domestic and foreign expert analyze report one by one, and offer customized course according to the detection report. Sabah characteristic travel: visit Mosque, new royal national palace, national museum, etc. 

        Fourth Dayhealth consultation

        Health consultation: domestic and expert analyze report one by one

        Kuala Lumpur characteristic travel(Putrajaya/Wetland Square)

        Fifth Daycharacteristic travel

        After breakfast, head for Hinduism Pilgrimage site (Batu Caves)

        Enjoy Malaysian special dish (include performance)

        After dinner head for Genting casino, and go back to hotel in Kuala Lumpur for a rest.

        Sixth DayBack to China

        After breakfast, go shopping in the largest mall after breakfast.

        After lunch head for airport and wait for the flight, then go back home.

        Even though traveling is a enjoyable things, it is still better for us to get to know about some precautions before setting out.

        1.Clothes and articles Malaysia is in the tropical area with average temperature of around 20 degrees, the highest is 32 degrees, you'd better take some summer clothes as there will be the activity on sea. The following are the same as the "
        Please take sun block and swimsuit.

        2.Currency. The name of malaysia currency is Malaysia Ringgit, which is RM for short (Malaysian Dollar)

        3.Tips. You do not have to give tips in Malaysia, but you can give some according to the situation.

        4.Voltage. Voltage in Malaysia is 240V, 50HZ, and the power socket is of british system, it is "∴" type and need a changeover plug.

        5.Time difference. There is not time difference between Malaysia and China.

        6.Custom and taboo. Malaysian people are very hospitable, and pay attention to etiquette, people often eat, fetch things, and shake hands with right hand, to show their courtesy. The following are the same as the "Do not point at others or any other thing using index finger, as it is very impolite, also please be well dressed when visit Mosque.

        7.Medication: If use prescribed medications for long term, it is better to prepare the any amount.

        At last, wish you a happy journey "Malaysia • Cherish life"!

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