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  • United Laboratories
    Swiss Unilabs medical examination center is the largest chemistry laboratory with most complete medical equipment, its headquarter is in Geneva,there are more than 2,000 test points,and over 100 international authoritative medical experts, covering hematology, toxicology, cytology, genetics, gene and test for pregnant women and fetus and other fields, the center serves 11 countries and regions, and is the diagnostic service institution that covers the widest geographical range in Europe.
    Our advantage
    Hospital official qualification

     Swiss Anti Aging Sanatorium is officially certified licensed hospital (clinic) instead of a usual care facilities (medical / health center),it can provide integrated services without the help of any third party medical support.

     If one want to get the hospital qualifications, one should register at Swiss Federal Hygiene and Social Security Department, which not only requires doctor's license,but also need the hospital's license.

    Cutting-edge anti-aging technology

    Swiss AntiAging Sanatorium offers  comprehensive physical examination for clients, the doctor will analyze the clients' physical condition and aging degree of body system based on test data, then made the personalized treatment programs for each clients and help them to improve their health conditions and slow down aging. 

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