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    Switzerland is a global medical shrine, Swiss Youth Oversea Luxury VIP Tour of Swiss Bai Doctor Group have taken thousands of customers to the health related trip in Switzerland, here are the world's most amazing anti-aging secrets, and also has the best source to arouse our body, mind,spirit, and inject energy.

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      Day 1Fly to swissland

      Arrive in Geneva,the capital of world. Now,more than 300 worldwide organizations are headquartered in Geneva,and there are thousands of meetings were held in here every year.VIP check in to the luxury hotel in Geneva,service personnel will explain some attentions about the physical examination in the next day.(Attention:In case of affect the accuracy of the physical examination ,do not eat and drink after midnight )

      Day 2Examination And Travel

      1.Visit and carry out physical examination in The Clinique de La Source.

      2.Personal trainer will teach you skiing in The Alps Ski natural Resort. Natural ski experience even more stimulating challenges of nature.After that, enjoy the special dinner with the characteristic of Alps.

      Day 3Health Counselin

      1.Healthy consulting:Domestic and foreign expert team analyze the inspection report one by one, and make a personalized conditioning plan according to the result.

      2.Enjoy the hotspring, get rid of fatigue, relax yourself.

      Day 4Treatment And Travel

      1.Healthy consulting:Healthy consulting:Domestic and foreign expert team analyze the inspection report one by one, and make a personalized conditioning plan according to the result.

      2.Lausanne / Montreux Special Tour.(Chillon Castle ,Wine estate,CathedraleNotre-Dame,Olympics Garden,etc.)

      Day 5Treatment And Travel

      1.Go back to Geneva after breakfast,visit The Palace of Nations,the Headquarter of International Committee of the Red Cross,Water Fountain,etc.

      2For Geneva airport, flight to Paris

      Day 6Back to China

      1.Local tour in Paris(Champs Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Avenue of Stars, Place de la Concorde, Egyptian Obelisk, Osman Commercial Street,etc.) Go to Paris airport after trip,and return home.

      Caveats in Swiss Youth Oversea Luxury VIP Tour

      1. Time: Switzerland is 7 hours late compared with China, In Summer it is 6 hours slower. 

      2. Money: Swiss francs, 1 francs = about 6.5 RMB, most credit cards such as VISA, Master, Diners, American and Express can be used.

      3. Voltage: 220V, 50Hz, two hole socket is used locally, thus one need to carry the transfer plug.

      4. Taboo: Swiss people have strict limitation of noise.

      5. Cannot make a sound while having meal.

      6. Don't bargain while shopping,it is kind of rude behavior.

      7. Tip: Swiss Restaurant and hotel bill generally contains a tip, so passengers do not need to give tips,

       if one wanted to show gratitude to the waiters for their help,  probably the tip CHF1-3 is suitable.

      8. Shopping: Shopping in Switzerland, one need to pay the consumption tax, the tax rate is 7.6%, which is included in commodity prices, 

      the purchase of more than 400 Swiss francs of goods can apply for tax refund, one

      need to fill in the tax refund bill and go to the airport tax refund counter, the refund will be given to tourist directly,

      the amount of the tax refund can also be transferred into the  bank card of tourists.

      Swiss visa application materials

      - Passport: valid for more than half a year, the old and new passports need to be prepared. The copy of the visa page,

      front page and back page of the original passport should be prepared. A separate assessment is required if refusals existed;

      -Picture: two 2 inch wide white background color pictures, 3.5wide *4.5 long;

      -The copy of company's business license with the official seal;

      - 2 cards: the title should be in accordance with the company's business license;

      -The company leaving permission with official seal: our company provides with the English template, print in the form of company letterhead format 

      (which is the letter paper with company's name,  LOGO, tagging letterhead address, telephone and other information on it,

      which is in line with the head of business license );

      - nearly 6 months of their day-to-day account record of the individual bank savings card need to be prepared and be sealed at the bank counter;

      if one hold non credit card, deposit, financial products or frozen account, time node should be as close as possible to the delivery date, 

      the balance should be as much as possible, at least 50000;

      -Other auxiliary materials: the copy of certificate of house property and car, credit card bills, trust and financial products purchase contract etc.;

      - the photocopy of the front and back of ID card

      - the original and the copy of the household register

      - a copy of marriage certificate

      The visa will be given after 5-7 work days after all materials delivered, different arrangemets of consulate according to the different places of residents

       of the applicants are as follows:

      Applicants living in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, and Zhejiang Province shall submit the applications to the Swiss Embassy in Shanghai.

      Applicants living in Guangdong, Fujian, Guangxi, Hainan, Jiangxi and Hunan shall submit the applications to the Swiss Embassy in Guangzhou.

      Applicants living in HongKong and Macao shall submit the applications to the Swiss Embassy in Hongkong.

      All applicants from other district of china, residents in Mongolia and North Korea shall submit applicants to the Swiss Embassy in Beijing.

      (Work Time: Monday to Friday, exceptional for holidays and festivals, no need for visa application interview)

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