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    Base depth detection

    This package contains five major items of 52 small items detection index, through physical examination of the basic situation of vital organs to find associated signs of common diseases.

    First, the blood quality comprehensive testing

    Second, the organ comprehensive testing

    Third, the overall index and hormonal glands detected

    Fourth, the value of screening for genetic cancer Pei

    Fifth, the immune system screening

    Base depth detection
    Platinum Deep Inspection

    This package includes seven major items of small items detected 63 indicators, can conduct a comprehensive inspection and evaluation of the body, the depth of investigation of cancer risk indicators, reducing the risk of cancer.

    First, clinical examination

    Second, body composition analysis

    Third, early cancer screening

    Fourth, tumor markers

    Fifth, a thorough investigation of Ophthalmology

    Sixth, autoimmune diseases Analysis

    Seven organ comprehensive testingDepth examination 

    Platinum Deep Inspection
    Gold Deep Inspection

    This package includes 8 major items of 71 small intems of detection index, specialized design by private doctors, and conduct targeted and precise in-depth detection on health risks. 

    First ,blood test

    Second, the standard biological parameters

    Third, metabolic markers

    Fourth, cardiovascular risk markers

    Fifth, tumor markers

    Sixth, hormonal measurements

    Seven, vitamin measure

    Eight, bone metabolism markers

    Gold Deep Inspection
    Platinum Deep Inspection

    This package consists 11 major items of 117 small term detection index can accurately screen out cancer, chronic disease, sudden death and other risk factors, but also fully susceptible to predict the future risk of disease, control of health status.

    1. Blood Test  2. lung CT examination

    3. metabolism markers  4.The prostate cancer screening

    5. uterine cancer examination, breast examination  6. measure vascular age and atherosclerosis

    7. The number of tumor markers  8. hormone measurements

    9.ultrasonic bone density  10.vitamin measure

    11.brain, neck full set of sophisticated medical MRI, MRA

    Platinum Deep Inspection

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