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Swiss Bai Doctor Group

       Bai Doctor Switzerland was founded in 2006,With the tenet of "Stand in the height of the world, passing healthy voice" ,we integrate the latest global medical resources and create an international, modern ,comprehensive health management business. We take reputation as the basis of  the survival of enterprise,and service as orientation .We own a stable and mature market network,and lots of faithful VIP members.Thanks to our deep comprehension and abundant practical experience.Combines with the international health management concept ,Bai Doctor Chinese brings forth new ideas to high quality medical resources platform and comprehensive health management service system, officially cooperate with many countries around the world. The status of Bai Doctor in Chinese market is rising steadily. nowadays,we become to the leader of health industry, and one of the most famous and respectful company in China.We are the Company trusted by the world.

The Medical TeamThe medical team

BAI Doctor has a team of experts composed of the world medical leading authority to provide the best medical services and medical advices for patients, select and make appointment with the top hospitals and doctors around the world in this area for follow-up treatment.

BAI Doctor gathers world top doctors with expert skills and rich healthcare experience, and has rich service experience for high end personage. 

  • Swiss stem cells fund Peggy, director of the library
  • Swiss anti-aging association expert
  • Swiss anti-aging association President Robert
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Our Advantages

Ten Service Advantage

1. Bai Doctor integrates  six top anti-aging Sanatoriums around the world, gathers world top hospital medical experts, uses the most advanced treatment methods to ensure the quality of treatment.

2. The company’s medical personnel are medical professionals from America and Japan who are familiar with the national standardized medical records, so as to ensure the standardization and accuracy of medical data collection.

3. Professional medical translators are medical English major and medical professionals who are familiar with medical environment around the world to ensure the precise communication.

4. Professional overseas accompanying personnel who are familiar with foreign health care policy and the medical treatment process, which can help you enjoy your medical process.

5.Aristocratic foreign service including reception, transfer, pick up, accommodation, transportation, medical translation and other one-stop services and the entire one-to-one service.

6. Personalized overseas service, make personalized journey plans according to your demand , make you feel more comfortable while you stay abroad for medical treatment.

7. The hospital has a professional translator who has international medical translation certificates to ensure the effective communication between doctors and patients. 

8. Cooperation lawyer hold a foreign lawyer's license, if there is any disputes of specialist or hospital, they can provide legal aid for accountability.

9. Strict process, ensure that customers' condition is truly reflected. The customers' medical records will be collected by medical personnel, checked by domestic specilaists,  re-check by customers, double translation, re-check by doctors, and submit it to the international experts with appointment. 

10. Professional Customer management system will ensure the special encryption system's submitting, uploading,and keeping customers' personal illness data and ensure the safety of customers' personal privacy.

Our Qualification

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