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  • Healthy China 16 trillion large industry will break outRelease time:2017-02-22   Source:百博士
    Healthy China 16 trillion large industry will break out

    ‘Integrating health into all policies, all-round, full-cycle maintain and protect people's health.’ A healthy action which safeguard the whole cycle of life is starting,trillions of industry, thousands of healthy industry is breaking out.

    Recently,The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued “the outline of healthy China 2030".hereafter this text will be abbreviated as "Planning outline" .   "Planning outline" put forward that ,by 2020, establish the basic medical and health system with Chinese characteristics covering urban and rural residents,continuous enhance the Health literacy level, Improve the efficiency of health service system.Everyone enjoys basic medical services and basic sports fitness services. Rich connotation, reasonable structure of the health industry is basically formed,the major Health Indicators in the forefront of Middle-income countries and enter the ranks of high-income countries high-income countries by 2030, the average life expectancy increase to 79 By 2025, build up a healthy country that is compatible with the socialist modernized countries.

    A full cycle of health protection system formed

    ‘Co-construction and sharing, national health is the strategic theme of the construction of  healthy China’

    ‘Planning outline’ deployed from Popularization of healthy life,Optimization of health services,Improvement of health protection,construction of healthy environment and development of healthy industry.By 2030,the main risk factors of health are effectively controlled, healthy life style is popularized, which is beneficial to the formation of the healthy environment of production and life. Food and drug safety is effectively protected ,hazards of many disease are eliminated.Quality and efficient integrated medical service system as well as the perfect National Fitness public service system are fully established.Health insurance system continuous improved.The overall strength of healthy technology innovation is at the top of world,the quality of healthy service has been proved. Establish a health industry system with completed system and optimized structure .Cultivate a numbers of large enterprises with a strong Innovation ability and international competitiveness and develop the healthy industry as a pillar industry.

    National Population and Family Planning Commission, said that we built up a nationwide medical security network with the coverage rate of 96.5% by Workers' medical insurance, New rural cooperative medical insurance, urban residents insurance. On this basis, we improved the medical security system by Serious illness insurance, Commercial insurance, charity relief,which Changed the old situation of "Ignoring ailment and no care for illness."Although the the coverage rate of medical insurance reached more than 95%, but the overall level of protection is still not high. 

    ‘Planning outline’ is advocate to develop commercial health insurance.Implement the preferential policies of tax incentives, encourage enterprises and individuals to participate in commercial health insurance and various forms of supplementary insurance.Enrich various forms of supplementary insurance products,encourage the development of health insurance products which related to health management services.By 2030,modern commercial health insurance services is further developed, the compensation expenditure of commercial health insurance accounts for a significant increase in the proportion of total health expenditure.

    Dai Tao, the deputy director of NHDRC, told the reporters, there are two major highlights of the Planing outline.First, it is different from the previous medical reform, planing outline put forward  the transformation of the whole life cycle, all-round health protection. Second,from the view of big health and big health, ‘planing line’ puts health into all policies which means building national health is not only about medical sector but also health services, health and other aspects of the environment.

    ‘If the pursuit of health is equal to medical treatment, We are difficult to cope with severe health conditions without prevention.’ Liu Yuanli,the president of CAMS&PAMC,said there is one in every ten adults who suffers from diabetes,one in every four adults who suffers from hypertension.Chronic disease is breaking out in China. ‘Planning outline’ helps people learn the scientific health knowledge and skills, develop good habits from healthy life which is the most direct and positive way to response to disease .

    As the point of He Chuan Qi ,the director of China Center of Modernization Research.We should use the money on the blade ,reform the method of management and payment ;improve the insured policies of medical insurance ,realize the sustainable balance of medical insurance fund.Accelerate the implementation of the Off-site medical settlement of basic medical insurance , realize the direct-charging of cross-province hospitalization costs .

    A large health industry is breaking out

    Nowadays, Chinese health service industry chain includes five basic industrial clusters:First,medical industry dominated by medical service organization; second,pharmaceutical industry characterized by drugs, medical equipment,and medical supplies sales ;third,Health products industry focus on Health assessment , counseling services, conditioning rehabilitation and protection promotion;last, sanatoria industry. 

    “Planning outline” put forward the idea of "Develop health industry", including the optimize the multi-medical pattern, develop new health services, actively develop leisure sports industry, promote the development of pharmaceutical industry.

    Dai Tao said that ‘’Public system is the major part of Chinese medical and health service system.Since deepen the medical reformation,we encouraged society join in the construction of Chinese medical service system.Social sectors should be encouraged to run medical institutions in diversified forms,that means construct healthy industry in diversified way, promote the development of medical service.For example, the social power can provides healthy management or healthy service instead of the government.

    The reason of the development of new forms of healthy service industry is that people pay more attention in health with the social economy development.

    Dai tao told us, it is possible to produce many new forms from traditional medical service to the new-style health services, such as : ‘Internet +’, and ‘Intelligent wearable device’,etc.Besides,Fitness sports industry is booming.

     ‘Planning outline’ put forward that we should develop the pharmaceutical industry,Dai tao think that pharmaceutical industry is a large industry.In China, Drugs, high-tech medical equipment is still in a backward state,but these are the sunrise industry in the world.China will promote independent research to reduce dependency of import,especially in patented drugs, high-tech medical equipment.

    A large industry is breaking out. “Planning outline” have set a clear goal: By 2020,the total size of health services industry is more than 8 trillion, reaching 16 trillion in 2030.

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